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tintex fashion, Ltd.

Located in Hong Kong, this wovens factory is large in comparison to its surrounding competitors. Known for its skilled tailors and specialized process, this production facility has been creating detail-rich garments in Hong Kong, China, since 1994.

How We Found It

Understanding how a factory works is just as important to us as the final product. At this factory, the owner’s story resonated with us; Our Founder native—wanted to give back to the community that raised him. Establishing his own factory was his way of bringing jobs back home.

Ethical Standards

Before working with a new factory, we issue a strict compliance audit to check factors like employee satisfaction and environmental standards. Our factory didn’t disappoint: Our production team was pleased to find that in addition to a large and spacious working environment, the grounds were bright and clean.


As the saying goes: It’s all in the details. Workers at our elevated wovens factory go through an exacting training process to master traditional tailoring techniques. This skilled staff works with a wide range of garments for both our structured and “soft tailoring” (industry-speak for drapier, more flexible) pieces.

About the Owner